Sweat on My Brow: The Story of My Life

Sweat on My Brow: The Story of My Life

Author: Bert Andrew Ferganchick

Format: Paperback

Pages: 197 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9781618626493

Published: May 29th 2012

I remember when I was in second grade, Mother had me stay home a few times to help her gather vegetables from the garden. I felt very fortunate to get to stay home from school, even though that meant a lot of hard work. It also meant time with Mom, listening to her teach me about planting and harvesting. At the time I didn't understand what a metaphor this was for life. As Bert Ferganchick grew up on a farm in the 1930s, he learned two important lessons. One was a strong work ethic, and the other was a constant devotion to God. From helping his mother in the garden, to coal mining with his brother, to serving in the Korean war, to smelting airplanes, Bert always felt satisfied with a day of hard labor. In addition, Bert always knew to trust God to meet his and his family's needs. Both of these lessons served him well: by giving up everything to God, God returned everything to him ten-fold. Now retired from a highly successful business and a proud parent of four grown children, Bert is a content man who knows the true meaning of joy. "Sweat on My Brow" teaches the value of honest work, a godly life, and the satisfaction that both can bring.