Vessels of Grace: By the Grace of God There Go I

Vessels of Grace: By the Grace of God There Go I

Author: Barbara Mays

Format: Ebook

ISBN: 9781410769336

Published: September 24th 2003

Young peeople starting out on their own are presented with numerous with challenges, and trying to maintain a Christian lifestyle often proves too difficult. But God is always there waiting to help those who seek, him. Lisa stood at the very doorstep of freedom. Instead of walking through it, she entered into a malignant relationship with Hudson?a breathtakingly handsome and skillfully cunning man that ultimately caused her to feel like she was sliding down a slippery rope towards an emotional and financial breakdown. Tired and frustrated of ?holding on?, she let go of the end of the rope feeling certain nothing or no one would catch her. Just in the nick of time God, through the testimony of an anointed and dedicated saint, broke her fall and saved her life. As she walked on the new and sure foundation of Jesus Christ, this story takes a smoothly gripping turn that will drive you to an exciting, heart-pounding end.